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The USWSA is a non-profit organization funded solely by its members and by public donations. Your donation will help the USWSA promote the growth of winter swimming in the United States.

Interest in winter swimming has been growing over the past five years in the United States. However, as a sport, the origins began in England in 1856. In the 1990s, The International Winter Swimming Association started the Winter Swimming World Championships and held other championships in various locations all over the world. Competitions in Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, China and even Great Britain and South Africa have drawn hundreds of swimmers. Over 1,300 swimmers competed in the 2014 Winter Swimming World Championships which were held in Lapland, Finland this past February.

Making competitions available in the United States is highlight of our efforts to promote the sport. More important is establishment of safety regulations for this extreme activity, fostering new swimmers in the sport, and ensuring they have an ample knowledge to swim in a safe manner.

The USWSA is a non-profit corporation with the mission to develop and promote the sport of winter swimming in the United States (as defined by “swimming in waters of 41°F/5°C or below”) by establishing safety guidelines and helping foster competition and fellowship among winter swimmers in the US and abroad.

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